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Protecting your home and your valuables.

There's no place like home – McGinty-Gordon & Associates understands that more than anyone else. Your home is arguably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, so it only makes sense to have the best homeowners insurance to protect it when it matters the most.

We insure a variety of properties across Georgia and Florida including houses, condominiums and mobile homes. As an independent agency, we are able to provide our clients in St. Simons Island, Brunswick and Fernandina Beach and beyond with custom-tailored policies that meet their specific needs at a rate they can afford. You can take comfort knowing you have a policy through McGinty-Gordon & Associates to safeguard your property and belongings from life's unforeseen events.

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Our Property Insurance Coverage Includes:

Flood Insurance

A flood can occur anytime, anywhere – regardless of where you live.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

These sites provide flood zone maps, floodplain maps, flood hazard mapping, and flood information to help protect your home from flooding and elevated water tables: or

Hurricane Tracker


RECOGNIZE TREE RISKS. Fallen trees and tree limbs can be a major cause of damage during a storm. In fact, during Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene, more losses were attributed to trees than anything else. If you have trees near your home, consider having them examined by an arborist to make sure they are healthy and stable. If you don’t have a preferred arborist, we can arrange a complimentary tree risk assessment from a leading arborist service.

ASSESS YOUR ROOF. The older your roof, the weaker it likely is and the more exposed it may be to wind and water damage. Consider hiring a roofing specialist to do a thorough review of your roof and soffits, identify any loose or missing tiles or issues with flashing, and repair them as soon as possible.

SECURE THE OPENINGS TO YOUR HOME. If you have storm shutters for your windows, make sure that they are operating well. If your shutters need to be put up manually, be sure that your contract to have them fitted is up-to-date and that your contractor will be able to put them in place at short notice.

REDUCE THE POTENTIAL FOR FLYING DEBRIS. In advance of a storm, clear the areas around your home of fallen branches, yard ornaments, lawn furniture and other items that may become wind-borne debris. In coastal areas, if you are re-landscaping your driveway or garden, consider alternatives to gravel or stones.

DEVELOP A HURRICANE PLAN. Your family may not be together when a storm or other disaster strikes. How will you find each other? How will you know if everyone is safe? You may have to evacuate or be confined to your home. What will you do if water, gas, electricity or phone services are shut off? Having a hurricane plan in place can help you answer all of these questions.

Lloyd's of London - Homeowner and Flood Program

As traditional insurers began to severely restrict their willingness to accept new homeowners insurance on coastal islands, MG&A recognized the need to provide a homeowner insurance program for coastal homes that included affordable pricing and standard coverage terms. In 1999, MG&A developed a proprietary homeowner and condominium unit owner insurance program with Lloyd’s of London. The program was expanded several years later to include commercial property and now has a 14 year track record of providing quality coverage at competitive rates to property owners in Georgia, North East Florida, and South Carolina. Policies are underwritten, rated and issued in MG&A’s St. Simons Island office. Claims are assigned to a local independent adjuster and claims payments are issued from the St. Simons Island Office. MG&A is proud to be one of very few retail insurance agents in the U.S. with an underwriting authority at Lloyd’s of London. Fred and Ty McGinty visit Lloyds on an annual basis to review our program and to maintain and further develop our business relationships with participating underwriters. In addition, we are pleased to receive visits from various participating Lloyd’s underwriters at our offices. These visits enable MG&A to familiarise underwriters with our area and the quality of the business available.

In addition, MG&A has long standing direct relationships with two different Lloyds Insurance Brokers. This enables us to access additional facilities and programs at Lloyds directly through our London brokers without the need to access London through a US intermediary who then works with a London Broker. The ability to deal directly with London often saves time and enables us to present our case more directly to the decision makers.

MG&A recently negotiated an additional program with Lloyd’s to provide flood insurance for homeowners and commercial property owners that is competitive with NFIP for some properties, and to provide limits of flood coverage above the maximum available from NFIP.