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Reauthorization of National Flood Insurance Program


    Local leaders recently met with Congressman Buddy Carter at the Chamber to dialog key issues surrounding the 2017 reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program.  Items of discussion included:


  • HR 1422 "Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act," which clarifies that flood insurance policies written by private carriers satisfy the mandatory purchase requirement and allow continuous coverage rules to apply to private flood policies
  • Support of grandfathering properties based on flood zones at original time of construction (past 4 years as stated in current bill)
  • HR 2565, which requires the use of replacement cost value in determining premium rates for NFIP flood insurance
  • Accurate property level mapping by FEMA, who currently is not required to produce such, based on the current bill.

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Former Chamber of Commerce Chairman Fred McGinty addresses Congressman Buddy Carter along with other local leaders regarding the issues surrounding the 2017 reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program.


McGinty-Gordon & Associates representing Central Insurance Companies

McGinty-Gordon & Associates, 225 Marina Drive, St Simons Island, GA is proud to announce they are now representing the Central Insurance Companies of Van Wert, Ohio.

Established in 1878, Central is a highly respected company that values long term relationships and knows the importance of personal, friendly service. The Central Insurance Companies are made up of Central Mutual Insurance Company and All America Insurance Company. Central operates in 20 states with their Home Offices in Van Wert, Ohio. Central's A.M. Best rating is A(Excellent).

McGinty-Gordon & Associates has been serving the Insurance needs of St Simons Island and Brunswick Residents and businessses for over 40 years.

McGinty-Gordon & Associates and Parker-Kaufman Insurance Merger

We are pleased to announce the merger of Parker-Kaufman Insurance Company and McGinty-Gordon & Associates effective September 1, 2016. Parker Kaufman will operate as a division of McGinty-Gordon & Associates. All of the exceptional team members from Parker-Kaufman Insurance will continue to work from Parker Kaufman’s office at 513 Gloucester Street, Brunswick, Georgia.

Both agencies have a long history of serving the insurance needs of Glynn and surrounding counties, Parker-Kaufman for over 80 years and McGinty Gordon for close to 70 years. This gathering of industry talent combined will enable us to better serve our clients and the community. This combination expands our capabilities, enabling us to offer an even broader array of premier services and markets to our valued clients.

We are committed to continuing the client focus and first-rate service we have provided in the past. We will continue to offer Commercial and Personal Insurance as well as Health, Life and Employee Benefits.

If you have any questions about this exciting news, please contact us at any time. Our staff, locations and contact information can be found on our website:

MGA’s Private Flood Insurance Market

MGA Agents have vast experience in NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) rating criteria and have access to proprietary Private Flood Markets that can be beneficial to Clients with high flood premiums. If your home was built prior to 1985 and is below the base flood elevation requirement, contact us at 912.638.8600 for assistant with a Private Market flood insurance quote.

Please have your Elevation Certificate and renewal or current DEC page ready for one of our Agents to review.

For more information on FEMA flood insurance click on this link: Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act

Connecting Clients to Confidence

(MGA) provides reliable insurance options for the state of . As a result of a subsequent growth and merger, MGA is the largest insurance agency in southeast Georgia. We are committed to  connecting our clients to the confidence that comes from carefully protected personal and business assets. We participate with numerous national insurance carriers, which enables us to compare insurance options, pricing and value to ensure customers receive the best insurance coverage possible.

Whether you are looking for industry specific liability insurance for your dental practice or day care, homeowners insurance for your new home, rental insurance for your condo at the beach, or life insurance to protect your family from the unexpected, rest assured the insurance professionals at have you covered. MGA also insures over 80 Condominium Associations in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina and has expertise in placing coverage for this type of risk.

MGA’s Exclusive Homeowner and Flood Programs for Coastal Properties

As traditional insurers began to severely restrict their willingness to accept new homeowners insurance on coastal islands, MGA recognized the need to provide a homeowner insurance program for coastal homes that included affordable pricing and standard coverage terms. In 1999, MGA developed a proprietary homeowner and condominium unit owner insurance program with Lloyd’s of London. The program was expanded several years later to include commercial property and now has a fourteen year track record of providing quality coverage at competitive rates to property owners in Georgia, North East Florida, and South Carolina. Policies are underwritten, rated and issued in MGA’s St. Simons Island office. Claims are assigned to a local independent adjuster and claims payments are issued from the St. Simons Island Office. MGA is proud to be one of the very few retail insurance agents in the U.S. with an underwriting authority at Lloyd’s of London. Fred and Ty McGinty visit Lloyd’s on an annual basis to review our program and to maintain and further develop our business relationships with participating underwriters. In addition, we are pleased to receive visits from various participating Lloyd’s underwriters at our offices. These visits enable MGA to familiarize underwriters with our area and the quality of the business available.

In addition, MGA has long standing direct relationships with two different Lloyd’s Insurance Brokers. This enables us to access additional facilities and programs at Lloyd’s directly through our London brokers without the need to access London through a US intermediary who then works with a London broker. The ability to deal directly with London often saves time and enables us to present our case more directly to the decision makers.

MGA recently negotiated an additional program with Lloyd’s to provide flood insurance for homeowners and commercial property owners that is competitive with National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for some properties, and to provide limits of flood coverage above the maximum available from NFIP.